Don’t be Ashamed to get help.


With the 2 #suicides this week of well known celebrities the saying money can’t buy you happiness is true. We all have struggled time to time with depression some more than others. It’s all in how we deal with it. only a few people in my life know this about me but I tried to commit suicide in high school. I thought I wasn’t pretty enough or popular enough. Coming from a small Caribbean island I still had an accent and a big gap between my teeth. It sure didn’t help that I dressed differently.

It got so bad with the teasing that when I got home one day after school, I went got my uncles gun, pulled the trigger and ......nothing. I turned it away from me and it went of. I never appreciated that moment until I got older and realized the magnitude of It. One split second I would have been gone and not be here retelling this story. My family would have been trying to figure out why.

I’m glad that the gun didn’t go off when it was suppose to because it’s given me the strength to let others know not to be ashamed of being #depressed. Not to give up because there will be brighter days ahead. It’s okay to take medication if you need it. If you’re hurting please find someone to talk to. You may feel like there isn’t anyone to talk to but there’s always someone who will listen. You will be missed, someone out there will miss you. Stay alive your purpose maybe in telling someone your story.

If your story saved 1 life that’s 1 more than none.. you are valuable no matter your race, religion, sexual orientation don’t suffer in silence. Open up about your pain. Call someone. These are the numbers to #suicidehotline around the world. Someone is always there to talk. #youareloved #cont;ue #; #continue #suicideawarness #igy6 #satzhair

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