What would you do if your client passed out in your chair?

When i was an ER tech i knew my job was to take care of anything that walked through those ER doors, but as a hair and makeup artist you don't expect to take care of a client in your chair about to pass out.

This week I had just that happen to me. I'm doing my clients hair (putting in a relaxer) and she turns pail. I panicked a bit, like ohh shit she got relaxer in her hair. how we gonna get it out if she goes to the hospital? BUT you cant let your clients see you sweat. I dropped my hair skills and picked back up the skills i learned in the ER.

I gave her a warm compress, helped her check her sugar, fanned her for dear life, all while trying to figure out in my head how the heck i'm gonna get this relaxer out before it burns her scalp.

Well lets just say after a few minutes of some cool air and her medicine, the color started to come back into her face, and can you guess what this lady had the nerve to say, I'm okay lets make sure my hair looks good in case i have to go to the hospital. Like really lady, lol, I had to laugh.

It really tickled me that the first thing she thought of was getting her hair finished. Shoot i had I client that was released from the hospital Friday night after a 2 day stay and came bright and early Saturday morning because she had to make sure her hair was done. All jokes aside I have met some awesome women and one common thing i have noticed that no matter what craziness, health issues are going on in their life, if their hair is done everything else is okay.

I did learn from this experience 2 things,

1) I still got it.

2) I gotta take a refresher course for CPR and maybe get a AED for the salon (never know when you might need it)

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