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SATZ Hair is a multicultural Salon specializing in hair care for the wavy, curly and tight curl client . We treat each client as an individual, so we customize your Hair care plan to fit your everyday life.


 "I am not this Hair, I am not this Skin, I am the soul that lives within"

2616 Princess Anne St

Fredericksburg VA 22401


"I live in a small town where natural hair services are limited to barbershops and a couple of braiding salons. So needless to say, I was thrilled to find Annazette. It was an hours drive to see her; but, it was well worth it. She turned a poorly done and masculine looking (in my opinion and dismay) cut, that eventually grew into a shag, into a flattering feminine bob. Annazette’s enthusiasm and love of curly hair is obvious and refreshing to see when in the past I had to have my hair blown out or picked out into an Afro just to get a trim. I will definitely be a repeat client and highly recommend her services."


"She treated my kinks and coils with care and precision. She asked me many questions to educate me and discover my wants, I got the perfect cut to help me with my future hair goals! Drove 2 hours from home and she was worth it!"


"Typically I get a lot of anxiety going to any hair appointment. I deal with both alopecia and unruly curls. In the past I have always felt like the stylist did not want to listen and instead wanted to push products on me. This salon experience was entirely different. Annazette was welcoming and friendly right from the start. She took the time to go over my concerns, daily routines, goals, and different options. At no point did I feel rushed or like my concerns were not heard. I came home with my curls looking the best they ever had. For the first time ever I have been able to get my hair at home to look like it did when I left the salon. What a change! I would highly recommend Annazette to anyone with curly hair, and particularly to anyone with bad salon experiences."


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