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What is a Curl Cut? 

-This service starts with a dry cut suited to your specific natural hair type and is finished with a relaxing cleanse/condition session, styling then dried under heat or by diffuser. In some instances, we may cleanse, condition, style, dry then cut.

-A Curl Cut is intended for hair that is Naturally Wavy, Curly, Coily,, that you intend to wear that way 80-100% of the time.  It is also for those seeking a big chop (freedom) of their relaxed/heat/color damaged curly strands.

-A Curl Cut IS NOT for you if you are unsure about wearing your hair in its textured state, you regularly get your hair straightened.  In these instances, a regular hair cut maybe best.

-If you are getting a major style change or if you have a previous hairstyle that you would like to use as a reference point, please have pictures readily available.

How do I come with my hair for my curl cut? - Come in with your hair dry, down and free from excessive tangles, some tangles are okay it happens, and we understand. 

What Products do you use? Since we know not every product is for everyone, we use several different Brand. If you have allergies, issues with a product or a specific ingredient please let us know. We will do our best to make sure you are accommodated.

I don't know if the products I'm using are any good. -Bring in or have a list of what products you are currently using so we can go over the ingredients

Do you only do curly hair cuts? - No.  We offer other services for Natural hair, including color, Silk press.

How do I pay? -We accept Cash, Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Venmo.

Location - We are currently an independent stylist @ Salon Root 2616 Princess Anne St. Fredericksburg VA 22401

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

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