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Swimming is great for your body, but hard on your hair. Chemicals and minerals in the water attach to your hair, oxidizing and causing numerous negative effects. Chlorine oxidizes other elements, like copper, to lead to dry, brittle hair that tangles easily and discolors. Remove the elements and restore your hair to its natural shine, color, and manageability.

Swimmers Wellness Kit

  • Naturally eliminate elements (chlorine, bromine, copper, calcium, lime or salts) that can make swimmers’ hair look and feel damaged.

    Draw out buildup caused by exposure to pool, spa and ocean water with a crystallized antioxidant natural wellness treatment

    Lift out green discoloration by removing copper buildup

    Remove chlorine odor

    Nourish, strengthen and protect while preventing further damage

    Strengthen hair from the inside out for body and bounce

    Protect and preserve shine and color with ou

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